HEY! How’d you get here? Well, I’m glad you got here! I am the untiedconverser and what follows is a smorgasbord (round of applause for that vocabulusness) of life experiences… AND the occasional rant about social injustices or poem or ShondaLand episode review. Follow me, won’t you? If not (I won’t be offended… only thhhhhhiiiiiisssssss much), just take a peek at my random thoughts (it’s the section where I write things that you can read and stuff).

Enjoy! *Inserts kissy face emoji*

DISCLAIMER: Peace, Positivity, and Love are my sources of strength. While I don’t always feel those things, I always function off of them. Therefore, if you have none to contribute, silently view or feel free to visit one of the millions of other blogs on the web of nets that are not owned by me. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease. (If you’re vegetarian or vegan.. celery.. grease… I guess.)

Oh yeah. Be nice to someone today.

K. See ya!