I am she. Well, she is me. Here’s the story.

My Earth-dwelling for the past 23 years has been one clumsy fall after another (many literal and some figurative), which quickly became the story of my life. One day at work (because I do things for money during the day like most adult-like people), my coworker noted that my shoe was untied. Historically speaking, I have worn Converse/Chuck Taylors at least four times a week for the past six years of my life and at least one of my shoes is almost always untied. No matter how many double triple crisscross ties I make, one of the shoes likely falls victim to being dragged on the ground mercilessly by my pacing feet and lazy ways. To his pointedly obvious remark, I replied, “My life is an untied converse.”

Additionally, as a self-proclaimed and test-proven introvert, I have a love of all debate-worthy conversations. Make no mistake, however! I am firmly against the concept of small talk. (Seriously lady, we both know how hot it is. Do we HAVE to talk about it on this five-floor elevator ride? -_-) I am firmly against unnecessary conversations and talking for the sake of erasing silence. (Seriously Serious – DON’T CALL ME IF YOU CAN TEXT ME – I PROBABLY WON’T ANSWER) Nevertheless, the juices that flow from deep conversations (stop being nasty) are a substantial part of my sustenance and they keep my heart beating rhythmically.

Thusly so, I am the untiedconverser. (Ain’t I clever?) I will write about any and all feelings, thoughts, injustices, and social trends that cross my mind. I will do my best to entertain you and make you think in the same sentence.

Now the question must be posed – who are you?