I was watching the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. (Please, NO SPOILERS! Also, slight SPOILER ALERT) On one of the episodes, there was a line in a song that actually made me pause the show.
 “Sometimes the only way to go is to just go on.”
All of the sudden, while I was sprawled across my bed and a bowl deep in Frosted Flakes, I had a profound revelation inspired by this lyric.
All of the time I spend stressing about my next step in life is almost wasted. Now, hear me out. I am all for planning ahead and looking towards the future. But, even if I spend the entire day thinking and planning for tomorrow, things will go exactly how they are supposed to go. And, the more I focus on tomorrow, the less I am focused on enjoying and appreciating today. (And to think, all this came from Titus Andromedon/ Ronald Wilkerson)
Here’s another thing that I’m sure NO ONE else can relate to… Sometimes the hardest feeling in the world is just another day. Another day at work or with children or with human beings or circumstances or life. It becomes exhausting to think about how many burdens we carry (without backpacks with shoulder straps). But, if you think about simply going on, it makes everything a little bit easier. Yes, there will be rough times, but they will eventually end. And the only way for a bad time to end is with a good day.
I say all of this to say that your existence today should not be entirely consumed by preparing for tomorrow. Take a moment and appreciate your today, be it up or down. Because. IT. IS. YOURS. Do what you can and remember to breathe because some things in life are just measured by the way we handle its turbulence. And, as India Arie beautifully sang, “The only thing constant in the world iiissss CHANGE.”
So, keep goin’ hunny. Even if that just means getting out of bed once more. Better days are ahead. And so are new Netflix shows and the world needs people to watch new Netflix shows.
Now the question must be posed – what is your motivation to keep going? And also, what should I watch next on Netflix?