WHOOPS. My bad y’all. See… what had happened was…..

Life happened. Then, life kept happening. And all of the sudden it was four months without one post on my newly-formed space for talking and stuff. (A.K.A. This Blog) And I figured, well, no one’s gonna read what I have to say anyway, right? So why speak? Well, my boyfriend (who happens to be real and human (probably)(WOOHOO!)), hereinafter known as “Bobby”told me that I should write because it’s therapeutic. God knows I could use every drop of therapy these days…

So now, I will write. I want to write at least once a week…about random things, about angry things, about exciting things. Really, I’ll probably write about whatever pops into my head the exact moment that I start to type. Just because I can.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far in my post, thanks for reading. You must be a special kinda bored if you’re still here. No, seriously. Go outside. Do something meaningful. LOOK AT YOU! You rebel. Okay, it’s official. We’re friends. I love you…. wait… too soon? I meant… I love your presence on my… blog. 🙂 Still friends? Kewl.

Anyway, have a beautiful day and make it a better for someone else. I hope to see you in future internet comments. Laterz!

Now the question must be posed – What have you “accidentally” abandoned that you probably should start doing again? Tell me in the comments!