About Me… About Me… About Me?

What do people even say about themselves? Well, here’s my best shot:

Name: Deborah Joy

Occupation: Occupancy of the Earth and Loving its Inhabitants (A.K.A. Working at a Nonprofit Organization)

Hobbies: Do people actually have those? Um… people watching? Making judgments of others in my head? Creating intricate stories that will literally never happen..also in my head? Pretty much just being in my head.

Why am I doing a blog: Because!…. Why are you wearing those shoes with that top… Don’t start none, won’t be none. (I’m just kidding, you’re gorgeous in everything and we both know it!)

What else ya wanna know? I’m an open book of blank pages.  (I’m really not that interesting, that’s why I haven’t written any of this stuff down. Hence, that’s why the pages are blank, silly!)

Oh, the picture has a meaning too. I like English, mainly because I speak it, and muffins are cool. So.. boom.